What’s new in Geomagic Control X 2024.2

Sean ParkerJune 11, 20243 minute read

The latest edition of our 3D scan-based inspection software is here!  

Quality Control doesn’t have to be complicated, and our team is fiercely committed to ensuring Geomagic Control X is easy to use in inspection. With this in mind, we’re continuously adding new features, optimizing existing ones and removing pesky bugs.  

The latest release, Geomagic Control X 2024.2.0, offers much to be excited about. Below you’ll find our pick of the highlights, but remember to check the release note for a full list of updates.

Important notice about plug-ins

We've removed the following plug-ins from the list of built-in plug-ins:

  • Geomagic Capture
  • Konica Minolta VIVID
  • Konica Minolta RANGE5/RANGE7

You can find the instructions on using these hardware plug-ins for scanning here and the instructions for PMT Probe Plug-Ins here. 

Replace Reference Data Improvements

We've made the following improvements to the Replace Reference Data to enhance your productivity:

Visualization of Associated Inspection Features in the Model Manager Tree

We introduced a new “Center Tree and Zoom Object” option in the Replace Reference Data command. This option expands the Model Manager Tree, and highlights and centers associated inspection features in the Tree when assigning faces or edges to those in the new Reference Data. This enhancement improves visualization and enables a clearer understanding of the impact of reassigning replaced entities.

Replace Reference Data in the Context Menu of the Model Manager Tree

You can now access the Replace Reference Data command directly from the Context Menu of the Reference Data in the Model Manager Tree. This enhancement provides convenient access to the Replace Reference Data command directly within the Model Manager Tree.

Support for Boundary of Surface Entity Type

The Replace Reference Data command now includes support for the Boundary of Surface entity type. This addition expands the range of supported entity types, enabling you to work with a broader variety of CAD features.

UI / UX Improvements

Several improvements have been made to the user interface and overall user experience.

Customizable Highlight Colors

The Preferences now include options to customize highlight colors for the Manipulators and the Selection Tools. This options allow you to select your preferred colors for highlighting. The chosen colors become active during manipulator interaction and entity selection.

Highlight Color for Manipulators

Highlight Color for Manipulators

Adjustable Color Bar for Previewing Reference Geometry Fitting Deviation

In the preview mode of creating constructed geometry, you can now adjust the Color Bar that indicates fitting deviation for the reference geometry being created.

Adjustable colour bar

Adjustable colour bar for reference geometry fitting deviation

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Contextual Help Integration for Automation

In the Automation Server/Client, you can now access contextual Help by simply pressing the F1 key.

Updated Licensing System

Geomagic Control X now incorporates the latest CimLM 10.8 Licensing System. This update includes various improvements and updates to the user interface, license borrowing, license activation and deactivation, offline activation process, and security measures.

Additionally, the new version of Control X brings many bug fixes. For a detailed list of everything new, read the release note


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