What’s New in Geomagic Control X 2023?

Guy ButtleJanuary 25, 20233 minute read

The latest edition of our 3D scan-based inspection software is here! Geomagic Control X, developed by Oqton, brings industry-leading automated inspection to more people in more places. Feature-rich and highly versatile, Control X enables automated quality control and better throughput.

The latest features and enhancements added to Control X 2023 focus largely on improving process automation. By reducing manual, time-intensive quality control tasks, the inspection software will lead to better part quality, production throughput and process sustainability. We have grouped and organized all automation tools into a new Automation tab on the main toolbar.

Automation tab in Control X 2023

We have added even more functionality to the Visual Scripting capabilities in Control X 2023, bringing complex automation workflows to more people. New features, such as retrieval and query of statical array data, more construction geometry creation including ‘cones’ and renaming entities, make it much simpler to solve inspection challenges with a drag-and-drop user interface. The straightforward and complete automation of these tasks will eliminate human error in important quality assurance checks and minimize part scrappage.

The Control X Automation Server enables you to maximize PC utilization, optimizing high-volume production. The latest improvements and bug fixes allow optimal efficiency when processing inspection jobs, with simultaneous and parallel processing using server and client PCs.

We’ve improved the connection between Control X’s Visual Scripting functionality and the Automation Server to maximize production throughput. The server can efficiently call scripts, execute workflows, and retrieve data for further processing, which will help to hugely reduce downtime in your metrology workflows when sending pass/fail results to external production control systems. 

Automation Server

Reliable and accurate Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing tools are paramount in inspecting critical components. You can now define your deviation in Surface Profile to remove outliers in your results for more accurate fitting or measure 2D line profiles of specific cross sections with the new 2D Line Profile option.

2D-Line drawing

Without reliable compatibility with your 3D scanner or PCMM, inspection software is next to worthless. We pride ourselves on providing quality device interfaces for most scanners currently on the market. To ensure you can maximally utilize 3D scan-based inspection in your production environment, Control X 2023 includes integration to the Shining 3D Einscan and Creaform HandySCAN Black Elite.

An improved Hexagon SLS plugin delivers a range of new scan alignment methods. Contour and External alignment options have been added, as well as the Manual N-Point Alignment option, which enables scans to be aligned by specifying the corresponding points between scans. 

N-point alignment CX

We've also improved Control X's usability, including the ability to Export 2D Compare Geometry, Export All Deviation Data, Autosave at pre-defined intervals and last saved file recovery in the event of a crash. We’ve updated support of up-to-date CAD files and formats from a variety of applications.

In addition, we made many other improvements and 94 bug fixes. You can find all the information on in the Geomagic Control X 2023 Release Notes.

3D scanning CTA


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