What’s new in Geomagic Design X 2024.2

Kedar KanadeJune 11, 20244 minute read

It's hands down the best 3D reverse engineering software – but there's always room for improvement.

To help you handle any product design challenge thrown your way, we've picked up the pace of Geomagic Design X updates with a quarterly release cycle. The new version – 2024.2 – is now available for you to download and try out.  

Here are the most important changes and new feature highlights:

Important notice about plug-ins

We've removed the following plug-ins from the built-in plug-in list:

  • Geomagic Capture
  • Konica Minolta VIVID
  • Konica Minolta RANGE5/RANGE7

You can find the instructions for using these hardware plug-ins for scanning on the Oqton Software Support Community and the instructions for the PMT Probe Plug-Ins here.

Auto Sketch improvements

We've introduced a few updates to make sketching more intuitive and user-friendly.

Improved precision in Sewing and Fitting Auto Sketches

We've enhanced the algorithm for connecting and sewing Line-Line and Line-Arc auto sketches, ensuring greater accuracy in the precise alignment of sewing results. Now, sewing auto sketches center the results between two connection points, prioritize initial fitting results, apply constraints, and prevent the insertion of new sketches.

Additionally, we've readjusted the criteria for fitting arcs at lower angles into lines for improved fitting accuracy.

Sewing results in Geomagic Design X 2024.2

Sewing results in Geomagic Design X 2024.2.0 (left) compared to the sewing results in Geomagic Design X 2024.1.0 (on the right)

Please note that these algorithm enhancements apply to the Extraction Wizard and the Revolution Wizard, both of which use the Auto Sketching process.

Expanded application of "Remove Small Fillet" option

We've expanded the application of the "Remove Small Fillet" option to include fillets connected between Line-Arc or Arc-Arc auto sketches, in addition to Line-Line auto sketches.

Fillets between Line-Arc or Arc-Arc Auto Sketches and the fillets removed

Fillets between Line-Arc or Arc-Arc Auto Sketches, on the left, and the fillets removed, on the right.

Reversed Solid Cut in Revolution Wizard

A new "Reverse" option is now available in the Revolution Wizard, allowing you to invert the normal direction of the cutting body created from the selected regions.

This feature makes it easier to cut an existing solid body to produce either an inner or outer revolving solid body, streamlining the creation of solid bodies enclosing inner or outer features.

Revolution Wizard Design X 2024

Creating inner revolving features and the created outer body

Revolution Wizard Reverse Geomagic Design X

Creating outer revolving features with the "Reverse" option and the created inner features

Customizable Highlight Colors 

You can now customize highlight colors for the Manipulators and the Selection Tools using the Preferences section. The chosen colors become active during manipulator interaction and entity selection.

Improvements to Geomagic Design X Essentials

Expanded command support

We've added new commands to Geomagic Design X Essentials that are bound to boost your productivity. You can access them from the Menu and the Ribbon bars.

  • Scan Tools: Triangulate enables the triangulation of point clouds for further processing.
  • Point Cloud Tools: Filter Noise enables you to remove unwanted noise from point clouds, Sampling provides options for sampling point clouds for optimization.
  • Surface Tools: Fill Face enhances surface creation by filling faces within specified boundaries.
  • Modeling Feature Tool: Delete Face allows you to delete faces from solid or surface bodies.

Improved point cloud functionality

In addition, you now get the Merge and Combine commands for point clouds, further extending their modeling capabilities.

Updated licensing system 

Geomagic Design X now incorporates the latest CimLM 10.8 Licensing System. This update includes various improvements and updates to the user interface, license borrowing, license activation and deactivation, offline activation process, and security measures.

And you'll find we've fixed many bugs to help your reverse engineering projects run smoother. You can find the full list of new features in the Geomagic Design X 2024.2.0 release note.


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