Let’s talk additive at RAPID+TCT 2023

Marta MatvijevApril 12, 20234 minute read

Additive manufacturing (AM) is not just the future of factories, it’s already here, taking efficiency and innovation to new heights. 

And there’s no place like RAPID+TCT to see inspiring applications and the latest developments in the world of additive. 

Everything you need to know about the latest 3D technologies will be under one roof. You’ll be able to hear from the industry’s foremost experts, examine the most cutting-edge innovations, and join hands-on demonstrations.

Oqton’s team will be there to show you the software solutions that allow you to get the most out of AM hardware.  

Join us at booth 2435, in Chicago at McCormick Place West, May 2-4, to see how we're helping manufacturers leverage additive manufacturing in their production. 

Whether you’re seeking out ways to increase efficiency in your additive production, or you’re just beginning to explore additive technology, our team would love to talk to you.  

What can you find at Oqton’s booth? 

Additive manufacturing has opened a whole new world of possibilities in design and manufacturing. Today we can make parts that perform better than anything produced with conventional methods or deliver personalised devices on demand. 

But to keep additive production efficient and cost-effective, you need software that can streamline and automate these processes. This is where our portfolio for additive manufacturing comes in.  

At RAPID+TCT our experts will tell you all about our offering, including: 


The market is rife with 3D printing software, but many are in fact point solutions that support one or a few stages of the process.

If you're seeking a comprehensive solution for industrial additive manufacturing, then 3DXpert is the best option. The most forward-thinking manufacturers in the world use 3DXpert to prepare, optimize, and 3D print high-quality parts in record time. 

One of its biggest advantages is Hybrid DfAM, a capability key to making high-performance heat exchangers like the one below. It allows manufacturers to use both implicit representations for complex intensification structures (e.g. TPMS) and conformal surface grid lines, and solid BRep models for a frictionless connection with intakes, outlets, and the rest of the device body. Pop by our booth to see this beauty! 

Heat exchanger made in 3DXpert

Because there are high costs associated with metal AM, 3DXpert includes Amphyon process simulation technology that minimises the number of iterations needed to perfect a part.

The Geomagic suite: Design X, Control X, Freeform 

3D scanning technology has taken manufacturing by storm, giving a new lease of life to damaged products, and salvaging designs that were once lost to history. And in the world of 3D scanning software, Geomagic reigns supreme. 

At RAPID+TCT, you’ll be able to pick the brains of our 3D scanning experts about: 

  • Design X, the industry-leading reverse engineering software 
  • Control X, for easy inspection of additively manufactured parts 
  • Freeform, for organic 3D design used to make everything from figurines to prostheses. 

If you’d like a deep dive into Design X, see Gregory George’s speaking session Why Reverse Engineer When You Can REMAKE? on May 4th. 

Manufacturing OS for additive production

Any additive production that aims to produce at scale needs an MES to track, trace and analyse the workflow. But most solutions out there are costly and difficult to configure.  

Oqton’s Manufacturing OS is designed to help manufacturers manage production easily while reducing reliance on skilled staff for repetitive tasks. To give you a taste of the Manufacturing OS in production, we’ve prepared a virtual walkthrough.  

Additionally, we’ll bring a host of cool parts demonstrating what our software can do. Whether you want to check those out or chat with our team, visit booth 2435!


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