Oqton and DyeMansion integrate solutions to increase Additive Manufacturing post-processing traceability

Marta MatvijevSeptember 26, 20233 minute read

Oqton, a software provider helping manufacturers increase innovation and efficiency by intelligently automating production, and DyeMansion, the global leader in integrated post-processing solutions for industrial plastic 3D-printing, are developing a combined solution to increase traceability for Additive Manufacturing post-processing. 

Oqton is bringing together their Manufacturing OS with DyeMansion’s Workflow Center (cloud-based monitoring and analytic software) & Data Connect (local data interface) to deliver a unified platform for monitoring polymer 3D printing and post-processing stations. Both are part of DyeMansion’s new 360° Digital Services – launched at RAPID 2023.

Post-processing in 3D printing 

One of the biggest challenges in 3D printing is repeatability. It’s important for any manufacturer to be able to produce the same exact parts on multiple machines, at different locations, and at different times. This requires tight control of many variables involved in production, including post-processing. 

An indispensable part of 3D printing, post-processing involves work carried out on a part after it has left the machine, such as cleaning, surface finishing and dyeing. 

Just like any other step in the additive workflow, post-processing needs to be tracked and analyzed to achieve repeatability. However, sensor data from post-processing equipment often resides on a platform separate from the one IoT data from 3D printing machines is stored.  

Bringing all this information into the same environment means that a user doesn’t have to waste time switching between multiple platforms to follow a single print job. 

Monitor the entire additive production from one platform 

Connecting post-processing equipment to the MES and IoT in a single platform, Oqton and DyeMansion will enable manufacturers to get information about printers, parts and post-processing stations in one place. 

Faster access to this data will allow users to make more timely, well-informed decisions resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs in additive manufacturing. 

“Oqton goes beyond printers and unifies necessary post-processing workflows and equipment to connect different brands and technologies for the end-user,” said Roy Sterenthal, vice president, industrial additive, Oqton. “Post-processing is an important part of the production workflow and needs to be part of the digital production chain. We’ve chosen to collaborate with DyeMansion, a leading provider of post-processing technologies for polymer AM, to deliver an integrated solution which gives customers a single source of the truth to facilitate traceability in highly regulated markets.” 

Philipp Kramer, DyeMansion CTO & CO-Founder added, “Our industry 4.0 ready end-to-end post-processing workflows can be integrated into various production processes. The collaboration with Oqton will take our new 360° Digital Service products, DyeMansion Data Connect and DyeMansion Workflow Center, to the next level by establishing a direct link for advanced data capture and analytics.” 

Manufacturers interested in taking advantage of this ground-breaking solution to transform their business can contact an expert via the Oqton or DyeMansion website. 


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