Oqton and 3DMakerpro empower consumers with an easy-to-use 3D scanning solution

March 28, 20242 minute read

AI-powered manufacturing software developer Oqton is collaborating with 3D scanner manufacturer 3DMakerpro to deliver a 3D scanning technology that meets the needs of consumers and professionals alike.

3DMakerpro has recently launched a handheld 3D scanner line called the Moose Series that is beginner-friendly and efficiently captures medium-sized objects. To provide its customers with software that works seamlessly with the novel hardware, 3DMakerpro turned to Oqton, who develop Geomagic software Design X, Control X and Wrap.

The result is Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro, a scanning solution offering industry-grade functions and tools, including Point Cloud Clean Up, Rebuilding of Complex and Organic 3D Models, surfacing tools, and automatable functions. 

3D visual of a car and a scanner with logo for Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro

Geomagic Wrap enjoys much acclaim for a powerful toolbox that transforms 3D scan data of complex, organic shapes into accurate, 3D models. The software enables users with minimal reverse engineering knowledge to rapidly create perfect, watertight models.

Oqton translated these capabilities into a special version, Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro, which is sold with every Moose scanner. The powerful combination enables users to further optimize their 3D models, meeting sophisticated design requirements. These tools are particularly suited for advanced users aiming for superior results in their 3D modeling endeavors.

“The Moose series brings consumer 3D scanning to new heights of accuracy and allows more users to benefit from the convenience of 3D scanning,” said Tianshi Yuwen, Global Marketing Director of 3DMakerpro. “Our dedication to innovation empowers us to democratize high-precision 3D scanning and push beyond the boundaries of making all creative visions a reality.” 

“Geomagic solutions, developed by Oqton, have long held the leading position in the scanning category,” said Bryan Vogus, Oqton’s Sales Director, Americas. “We achieve this by listening closely to our 3D scanner manufacturer partners and what their customers need. In keeping with this vision, we collaborated with 3DMakerpro to deliver a consumer-friendly solution and we’re certain it’s going to be a game-changer in the segment.”

The Moose scanners offer a beginner-friendly alternative to traditional scanning equipment, which is known for its complexity and cumbersome nature. Equipped with AI-powered visual tracking technology and advanced anti-shake modules, these scanners ensure adaptability to objects with intricate structures and diverse surfaces, including deep-colored and dense surfaces. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Moose scanners, visit 3DMakerpro's website.


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