Oqton and eviXscan 3D help industrial forging company maximize accuracy

February 26, 20243 minute read

This article is based on an original EvixScan 3D case study Application of eviXscan 3D Quadro+ scanner in GK Forge. 

GK Forge Grelowski, nestled in the heart of Goleszów, Poland, is a pioneering force with over 30 years of bespoke craftsmanship in the automotive, construction, gas, engineering, and agricultural sectors. 

The company specializes in die forging and upset forging. Its universal forge includes press lines with forces from 100 to 1,600 tons and forging machines from one to three inches equipped with induction heating. These devices enable the production of forgings that weigh from 0.05 to 7 kg made from many types of steel, including carbon, alloy, stainless, acid-resistant and brass. 

In die forging, the accuracy of the die is critical to final product quality. However, die dimensions are very difficult to measure, and taking these measurements manually was a constant challenge for GK Forge. The process was slow, time-consuming and error-prone, which raised the risk of errors in production and complaints from customers.

Die forging

Die measuring station at GK Forge

To solve this issue, GK Forge implemented a comprehensive 3D scanning solution that combines the eviXscan 3D Quadro+ scanner,  with the eviXscan 3D Suite software and Geomagic Control X software for quality inspection. The solution is used for both dimensioning of die forgings and a range of applications in quality control.

3D scanning is now the initial step in production and is used to check the accuracy of all die dimensions. The impact of this new solution has been significant. According to the company’s own analysis, the scanning solution has dramatically reduced the time required for die sizing while reducing production errors to virtually zero. 

Measuring matrices with Geomagic Control X

Measuring matrices with Geomagic Control X

How 3D scanning improves overall productivity 

While maximizing the accuracy of die dimensions is important, the solution gives GK Forge the ability to improve other vital workflows. 

For example, the 3D scanning solution is now used to optimize maintenance of the forge and other equipment. Specifically, the solution can deliver a scan of any problematic part regardless of its size or weight. These scans help GK Forge understand how to repair the part or determine whether a replacement is necessary. If a replacement part is no longer available, the 3D scan can be used to create one. 

Similarly, the deployed system creates a complete archive of die measurements in CAD. These nominal scans behave just like full CAD models. Geomagic Control X software drives this process, making it possible for GK Forge to analyze the detailed CAD models for possible errors and conduct product research and development. 

GK Forge use Geomagic Control X 

Why scan-native inspection software is vital

While the 3D scanner and scanning software are important to this solution, scan-native inspection software is just as critical. For example, Geomagic Control X software allows companies to: 

  • Manage millions of noncontact data points from any type of 3D scanner 
  • Automatically select optimal noise filtering, outlier removal, and use geometry-fitting algorithms 
  • Efficiently import and interrogate large data sets up to tens of millions of points per scan 
  • Perform advanced deviation analysis (3D, 2D cross-section, boundary, curve, silhouette, etc.)
  • Automatically identify features in a 3D scan for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Create digital archives for future use

Discover how Geomagic Control X can increase productivity and efficiency in your organization. 


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