HP certifies Oqton as a member of the 3D API partner program

September 6, 20212 minute read

(Sept 6th, San Francisco, USA & Ghent, Belgium) Oqton is delighted to announce that as of last month (August 2021) it has received certification from HP, a global leader in manufacturing 3D printers based on its MultiJet Fusion (MJF) technology. This certification is based on full interoperability between the HP380/580 3D printer and the Oqton manufacturing operating system.

The benefits of this interoperability between Oqton and HP 3D printing systems is already being realized by customers in their respective fields. It helps customers to significantly increase productivity and efficiency by adopting the Oqton platform for additive manufacturing (AM).

The three core pillars of Oqton, specifically the secure (SOC2) cloud-based system, with AI-powered automation and IIoT capability, provide key capabilities for flexible automation for many of the repetitive and therefore time-intensive pre-build activities with AM. This includes data preparation for the parts and supports, as well as orientation and nesting. The power of Oqton’s automation capabilities comes not only from the built-in intelligence, but also its flexibility as the system is fully configurable to meet the specific needs of each user — whether they have 1 machine or 500. Oqton is able to simplify the entire workflow and can also reduce post-processing requirements. Moreover, because Oqton is system agnostic, the MES can connect every machine on the factory floor – including post processing systems and ancillary equipment, further maximizing planning and scheduling efficiencies.

Oqton’s CEO, Ben Schrauwen further commented: “The Oqton team is both proud and gratified to have received this certification status from HP. MJF is a widely used additive manufacturing process and by integrating it with the Oqton platform, users are able to gain even more time and cost efficiencies from this process. Within many industrial fields, there are companies looking at and considering AM for production applications due to the many benefits, however, scaling up the technology with multiple machines and across multiple locations can negate the benefits. The Oqton platform, which is completely system agnostic, overcomes these issues and provides a single, comprehensive resource managing the end-to-end process, with intelligence and automation built-in.”


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