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June 27, 20223 minute read

Have you been looking for a complete and affordablecatsreverse engineering solution? Are you struggling with inefficiencies in your current process? Experiencing difficulties in outputting the desired CAD model in an acceptable time frame, if at all?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’re in luck – we’ve recently released Geomagic Design X Essentials. To help you better understand Oqton’s latest reverse engineering offering, we’ve answered some of the most common questions!

How do I know if Design X Essentials is right for me?

Design X Essentials is aimed at those who have reverse engineering needs that may not currently require the entire set provided by Geomagic Design X. It’s an ideal toolset for components of lower complexity, or for those who may only utilize reverse engineering workflows on an ad-hoc basis. Additionally, Design X Essentials may be the best option when you have a limited budget for reverse engineering technologies. However, an upgrade to Design X will always be available – just let us know when you need it!

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Design X is already available...Why Design X Essentials?

We noticed a surge in the number of users of affordable industrial scanners. To serve these customers better, we decided to launch Design X Essentials. By reducing the barrier to entry for accurate and efficient reverse engineering workflows, Design X Essentials empowers those with entry-level hardware and smaller budgets to remain competitive.

Geomagic Control X Essentials was released to the market one year ago to target the entry-level 3D scanning inspection market, so it was a natural progression for us to release Design X Essentials. We wanted to provide a complete and easy-to-use solution, enabling these users to accomplish their reverse engineering and inspection workflows at an affordable price.

What are the differences between Design X and Design X Essentials?

Design X Essentials comes with fewer features and at a lower price than Design X. We have created an easy-to-understand chart outlining the differences between the two software tiers. This can be accessed here.

To find out details on pricing for your region, please visit the Geomagic Design X page and click the “Plan your demo” button in the upper right corner.

Overview of products developed by oqton

Can I upgrade from Design X Essentials to Design X?

As your business grows or applications change, you may require an enhanced reverse engineering toolkit. We’ve made it easy and straightforward to exchange your Design X Essentials license for a Design X license, whilst applying the price of the Design X Essentials license to the DX license and first-year maintenance.

Is Design X Essentials available in all regions?

We launched Design X Essentials in the Americas and EMEA only, due to the current market demands.

For more information on Geomagic Design X Essentials, visit our Design X page to request a demo, or email


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