Connecting Twikit & Oqton: End-To-End Automated Flow for High-Volume Customization

February 22, 20233 minute read

Twikit and Oqton partner to offer joint capabilities by connecting their design and manufacturing automation software solutions. By unifying Twikit’s personalization platform and Oqton’s Manufacturing OS, companies will be able to easily adopt an end-to-end production workflow that optimizes mass customization.

Combining a user-friendly customizer with automatically generated production files from Twikit and the most efficient production with complete traceability from Oqton enables the high-volume manufacturing of personalized products for the consumer, automotive, and medical industries.

Twikit and Oqton

Leveraging the power of mass customization by connecting front and back-end solutions

The API connection between the Twikit and Oqton software platforms will simplify the manufacturing of personalized products on demand and at scale. It accelerates the power of customization across industries, which are increasingly exploring and investing in individualized and custom products. Their most important drivers are quality consistency and the cost per part, which can be obtained by automating the front and back-end processes.

Twikit: design automation for personalized products

Twikit’s personalization platform enables brands to offer, create, and digitally manufacture hyper-personalized products. The solution, including a proprietary software kernel, supports the entire customization journey from product parametrization to order and production management. Implementing the platform into workflows will reduce the time spent per part and the amount of manual labor. Solving those problems results in a quick, accessible, and cost-efficient flow from design to production-ready files.

The open software solution is easily integrated with other technologies and platforms, such as Oqton. Twikit continuously works on connecting with others in the ecosystem to strengthen the offering for the customer.

Oqton: accelerating intelligent manufacturing

Oqton’s Manufacturing OS increases manufacturing automation, machine utilization, production traceability and visibility, and scalability. A single, machine-agnostic platform, the Oqton Manufacturing OS deploys artificial intelligence across end-to-end engineering and production workflows, resulting in significant process efficiency gains. Offering capabilities for medical image segmentation, additive design, build prep, MES, additive inspection, and simulation, Oqton’s Manufacturing OS integrates with enterprise ERP, CRM, and PLM solutions to break down data silos and increase innovation and efficiency.

Offer personalized products at scale through an automated end-to-end workflow

With the integration, companies can enjoy the advantages of both software solutions without any hassle. The connection in place provides customers with an automated workflow from front to back end, making it easy to start offering personalized products on-demand and at scale or improving existing processes. Want to learn more? Connect with us for more information on how this can benefit your design and manufacturing automation.


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