Automate Your Batch Inspection & Reporting with Control X Geomagic Solution Shareout

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Are you serious about your sheet metal parts?

In this Geomagic Solution Shareout session, we are joined by Vector Metrology, who provide 3D measurement and reverse engineering services across industries from aviation and automotive, to medical and maritime.

They will be showcasing an automated inspection workflow of a batch of sheet metal parts inside of Geomagic Control X, whose easy-to-use automation tools enable engineers from any team within your organisation to access professional Quality Assurance workflows and reporting.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up a complete offline inspection routine within Control X, ready to apply to a batch of components.
  • Use the 2D and 3D Dimensional tools available to save you time in building your inspection program.
  • Set up a report template to enable fast and professional reporting throughout your organisation.
  • Automate the processing and inspection of many parts to positively impact the speed and accuracy of your entire production process.
  • Analyse trends in the quality of your parts to identify manufacturing deviations and adjust your process to account for them.

Fill in your details to check out this great workflow! (This webinar is available in English and Turkish language).

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