Create Smarter with Scan-Based Design Geomagic Solution Shareout


In this Geomagic Solution Shareout session, we are joined by James Jenkins, 3D Application Specialist at Rapid3D. Based in Western Canada, Rapid 3D supply advanced 3D scanning products and services across a multitude of industries.

James will be sharing an innovative use case of how Geomagic Design X, our powerful 3D Reverse Engineering tool, can be used for scan-based design. He will walk you through their complete retrofit design of a Mercedes Sprinter van conversion using the modeling capabilities within Design X.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to design brand new components using complex scan data, without the need for reverse engineering the original part.
  • How to utilize the powerful integrated modeling tools with Design X to ensure proper fit, function and clearance of complex multi-part models with reference to the scan data.
  • How scan-based design workflows can leveraged across a wide range of industries, including building & facility maintenance, and large scale machinery & equipment design.

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