Industrial Large-Scale Data Capture and Processing

Artec Ray II and Geomagic Design X & Control X

Lidar scanners, like the Artec Ray II, are extremely useful for quick and accurate large scan 3D data capture, across industries such as construction, aerospace, civil engineering and mining. From large industrial components to complete environments, Lidar scanners are the perfect choice.

In this Geomagic Solution Shareout session, we are joined by GoMeasure3D‘s COO, Paul Motley, and Applications Engineer, Art Pekun, to discuss the benefits of implementing large-scale 3D scanning workflows. They will be showcasing how combining Artec’s Ray II Lidar scanner with Geomagic Design X and Control X can massively reduce maintenance and production times for these applications.

This webinar will cover:

  • Geomagic Design X’s unmatched capabilities when it comes to working with large scan data files captured by a Lidar 3D scanner for reverse engineering applications, ensuring smooth processing and handling.
  • The benefits of automated wizards in your scan-to-CAD workflows, enabling fast, direct CAD export.
  • How Design X outperforms alternative approaches in speed and usability when dealing with massive data sets for reverse engineering.
  • How huge datasets can be processed in Geomagic Control X for engineering and inspection processes.

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