Closing the Loop: Empower your Production from Start to Finish with 3D Scanning

Whether you’re recreating a legacy part, or taking your prototype to mass production, 3D Scanning empowers teams across your production to design and manufacture accurate parts, faster and more flexibly than ever before.In this webinar, we’ve brought together experts from Hexagon and Geomagic, developed by Oqton, to walk you through the custom redesign, manufacture and quality assurance of an integral recumbent bicycle component.

If you’re going to invest in powerful 3D scanning hardware, then investing in an equally powerful Reverse Engineering and Inspection software is a non-negotiable. By the end of this webinar, you will learn:

  • How introducing 3D Scanning technology into your production process can yield optimal parts with fewer design iterations.
  • Best practices and top tips for scanning components to maximise accuracy and minimize rescanning.
  • How the right Reverse Engineering toolset can seamlessly bridge the gap between data collection and CAD design, to manufacture parts that fit right first time, every time.
  • The benefits of scan-based inspection, and how integrating professional, flexible data collection and analysis WILL improve your production efficiency.

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