3D Scanning for Aerospace: Large Scale Data Capture & Processing

neometrix3D Scanning has huge potential across aerospace design and manufacture. whether that’s capturing existing component geometry for optimization, complete plane assemblies for analysis, or scanning broken components to understand failure mechanisms.In this Geomagic Solution Shareout session, we are joined by Kenny Hart, Senior Sales Engineer at our US partner NeoMetrix, who will be taking us through:

  • Best practices when 3D scanning aerospace parts using the Creaform Handyscan Black Elite.
  • How you can reduce non-value tasks in your design workflow using the tools available in Geomagic Design X to rebuild all surfaces of a propeller blade with unmatched speed and accuracy.
  • How scan-based inspection can be used to gain a deeper understanding into your production, how to use Geomagic Control X to dimensionally inspect and analyse your propellor blade so that you can adjust your processes to build the best possible parts.

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